Year 7 Program

“Students in Year 7 evolve from primary to secondary schooling and integrate content and learning experiences, to make connections between their subject areas and the real world.  This is where strategies for deep learning begin.”

The Year 7 curriculum is integrated and grouped into main learning categories that allow students to make links between traditional subject areas and their own real life experiences. Underpinning the Program is the need to accommodate for the transition of our students from both another environment and a different stage of learning. Along with contemporary classroom opportunities, implicit in the program is a strategy of wellbeing that connects our students with each other, with their learning and with the school.

One of the most important parts of this connection includes joining the students with a member of staff who walks with them, in various capacities throughout the day and the year. The Year 7 and 10 mentoring system also provides the chance for our newest students to connect with the CBC whole.


All students also participate in the College’s Religious Education, Pastoral Care and Outdoor Education programs.

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