Student Voice

CBC strives to give voice to every student, through both structured leadership programs and informal opportunities, for our young men to see each interaction as an experience of learning. Student Leadership programs across all year groups emphasise the notions of service, teamwork, initiative and developing responsibility.

Our student leaders work together to:
  • Invite participation from the rest of the community
  • Listen to, and voice, student concerns
  • Involve themselves in issues of justice
  • Challenge others to be their best selves
  • Be of service to all
  • Reflect upon their roles as leaders within and beyond our community
  • Learning to lead, leading to learn.
  • College Leaders

    Senior students here at CBC are charged with taking a leading role in the welfare and culture of the students and the College. Our senior leaders, made up of our College Captain, Vice-Captain and generally eight College Prefects, possess unique gifts, and symbolise all students at our College. Our Prefects are charged with leading a school portfolio, such as social justice, sustainability, co-curricular and spirituality.

    Student Representative Council (SRC)

    Our Student Representative Council brings together voices from each of the homerooms across the school community. The students meet regularly to engage in leadership opportunities and bring forth both concerns and suggestions on behalf of the student body to affirm and assist in school improvement and decision making.

    Student Voice Committee

    The CBC Student Voice Committee allows the student body to voice its concerns about safety in the school environment. It consists of two representatives per year level and two Year 12 SRC representatives who chair and run the meetings. The Committee is supported by two staff members who attend all meetings. Meetings are held twice a term and concerns raised are passed on to the College Leadership Team.

    Primary School Teaching Programs

    Throughout the middle years, students have the opportunity to volunteer in a number of primary schools in our local area where they tutor younger students in areas such as STEM, music, sport and reading. This not only allows the students to contribute to our broader community but allows them to develop their skills in influencing, partnering and leading others.

    Mentoring Programs

    To build links between our senior and junior students, especially with our Year 7s in the period of transition, the CBC Mentoring Program partners our Year 11 students with Year 7 students, giving them the opportunity to guide and foster right relationships across the school.

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