Student Development

Drawing on the principles and notions of Positive Education, all interaction and development of students at CBC St Kilda is based on the premise that students are inherently good and have worthwhile strengths. The process of student development is to cultivate and develop these strengths in students, to encourage them to be more positive contributors to the CBC community.  

All interactions with students at CBC should be seen as learning opportunities for our young people.  All strategies, actions and consequences used in student development are in place to, if needed, restore the relationship of students with the College and assist students in ‘learning always’.

The aims of Student Development at CBC include to:
  • identify, promote and develop the strengths of students at the College and develop a climate that promotes self and mutual respect
  • ensure all interactions between staff and students are underpinned by the concept of learning and growth
  • make the College a place where productive and enjoyable relationships exist between all members of the College community including students, staff and parents
  • encourage students to act in a way that respects the mental, physical, spiritual and emotional well-being of themselves and others and to encourage students to respect the physical environment and act in a sustainable way, as stewards of the community
  • develop an understanding of the purposes for guidelines of learning and behaviour, the need to respect these guidelines and the need to have accountability and consequence as part of the process of development
  • affirm appropriate behaviour and positive contributions to the CBC community and, where necessary, engage appropriate natural consequences where behaviour is inappropriate or unacceptable, as a means of learning
  • achieve an environment whereby decisions are made by exercising concern, care, common sense, fairness, consistency, and understanding the dignity of each’s person’s individual context.

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