The benefits of co-education

In 2021, CBC St Kilda becomes a co-educational College - the only co-educational Catholic College in central Melbourne.

After almost 150 years of educating boys, our school will be making history, becoming authentically inclusive by enrolling girls. The decision was prompted by the announced closure of our sister school, Presentation College Windsor, to provide a sustainable, contemporary Catholic education in the precinct. 

We believe co-education better reflects and prepares students for a just society where women and men work and walk together, side by side.

We live in a complex and fast paced world that requires our young people to have important moral frameworks, social agility as well as independence in learning, and empathy and sensitivity toward others. We once thought that gender difference was pretty straightforward but we now understand that all students are incredibly diverse. They are individuals best served by being recognised as such. Our students will learn and grow together, developing mutual respect and friendship, understanding and solidarity.

Our teachers base their practice on high-impact, evidence-based strategies, rather than assumptions about gender. Our approach is individualised, based on knowing and recognising the worth of each and every student. Our teachers build strong working relationships with their students where engagement, challenge and growth can prosper. 

Our students benefit from active and practical programs that encourage participation, teamwork, leadership and mentoring. Students' interests are nurtured in the arts, sports, technologies and community. They are given opportunities to explore injustices and issues facing our world, and are empowered to make a difference.

CBC St Kilda has led the way by recognising that strength, graciousness and gentleness are compatible. It will continue to do so for the years to come.

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