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CBC St Kilda is a member College of the Associated Catholic Colleges (ACC) alongside 11 other Catholic colleges from across Victoria. Under the ACC motto of Excellence, Honour and Fairness in Student Activities, students at CBC have multiple opportunities to participate in regular weekly competitions and annual events in both sporting and cultural endeavours. While the College participates regularly in many events offered by the ACC, all are supported by the College. Students of all ages, interests and abilities are encouraged to represent the College through ACC.

CBC values the role sport and other various student activities play in the development and growth of our students. We provide opportunities for self-exploration, team work, leadership, resilience and determination in every part of our community life. Activities such as the arts, music, chess, debating and public speaking, included alongside the sporting program, give our students a rich variety of areas to grow and develop.

House System and Carnivals

On arrival at CBC, students are assigned to one of four houses: Corbett, McMahon, O’Shea or Tevlin. The houses were named after the founding Brothers of the College. At our three main carnivals, Swimming, Athletics and Cross Country, all students compete for house points in order to achieve the goal of being House Champions. Students stay in their house group for the entirety of their time at CBC. These make up the student’s homerooms when arriving in Year 7 and when departing in Year 12. Participation and engagement builds the bonds within each house.


The importance of physical activity to the health and wellbeing of all students underpins the leadership opportunities. The College offers three specific sporting leadership programs which aim to develop student capacity to lead:

House Captain: (as voted for by Year 12’s). There are 4 house captains who are Year 12 students who have been demonstrated leadership qualities over their time at CBC. They are integral in leading our whole school sporting events especially the house carnivals.

Sports Captains: Each CBC representative sporting team has an on field captain, leading the team with humility to victory and with grace in defeat. The Senior Sports Captain’s work closely with their coaches to manage team selections, and set the expectations for that sport from Year 7-12.

Sports Leadership Academy: Up to 30 students from Year’s 8 - 10 are involved in the Sports Leadership Academy. Each participant will complete at least one qualification and helps facilitate the sporting activities of our local primary schools. Students are selected to the Academy.

Weekly Representative Sport and Activities

As a proud member of the ACC, CBC St Kilda competes in weekly sport over the following terms:

  • Term 1: Cricket and Volleyball (Seniors only)
  • Term 2: Football and Soccer
  • Term 3: Hockey, Basketball and Table Tennis
  • Term 4: Cricket, Volleyball and Tennis.

Participation in ACC is voluntary but encouraged. Students leave classes early to travel to venues for fixtures. (Seniors on Wednesdays, Middle School on Tuesdays and Juniors on Thursdays.) The responsibility lies with the student to stay organised with class work, homework and assessment tasks.


The ACC facilitates large events throughout the year across a range of activities. These include swimming, athletics, cross country, visual arts/design and technology, music, drama, debating, golf, chess, badminton and triathlon.

Rally days for Year 7’s occur throughout the school calendar. Year 7s participate in a Rally day against other ACC Colleges in non-ACC sports such as futsal.

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